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A Visitor’s Guide to Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is one of the world’s most famous and historically rich castles. As a royal residence synonymous with the British Royal Family, it is also a popular tourist attraction....

The 10 Best Medieval Castles in Britain to Visit

Nowhere else on Earth is quite so associated with castles as the United Kingdom. Across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, enormous fortifications rise from the land. Sometimes the castles are...
Arundel castle on a sunny day

Arundel Castle: A Visitor’s Guide

First established as a motte-and-bailey castle in the 11th century, Arundel Castle survived England’s tumultuous Middle Ages and was besieged during the Anarchy and, subsequently, the English Civil War. Remodelled...
The British Royal Private Virtual Tour London

Locations From The Crown You Can Visit

The popularity of Netflix’s The Crown (2016–) should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the work of writer Peter Morgan.  Morgan had previously had immense success with his...

WW2 Sites of South East England

Fascinated by Britain’s WW2 history? Join John England Tours and explore World War Two historical destinations in South East England. With our Tailor-Made Tours of South East England, we can...
A view of Hever Castle in summer

Spring and Summer Historical Attractions and Events in South East England (2023)

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, there’s no better time to explore the rich tapestry of history that South East England has to offer. This vibrant...

A Guide to Hampton Court Palace

Join John England Tours as we explore the dramatic history of Hampton Court Palace, one of England's most extraordinary royal palaces. Read more!

Dover Castle and the White Cliffs

Experience over a thousand years of British history at Dover Castle, Kent – the castle of castles.
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