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Down House & Chartwell

On a single day, John England Tours will take you inside the homes of two of the greatest Englishmen ever to have lived: Charles Darwin and Winston Churchill.

Chartwell & Hever Castle

Located a mere five miles from each other, Sir Winston Churchill’s former home at Chartwell and Hever Castle, (once owned by the Boleyn family), represent two of the most important...

Leeds Castle & Canterbury

Over the course of one day, you will get to experience one of England’s most iconic castles and the spiritual centre of England, Canterbury.

Hever Castle & Leeds Castle

Across these two magnificent sites, you will dive into medieval and Tudor history, discovering the true stories that inspired popular works of drama and literature, such as the BBC’s The...
John England driving guests on a tour

7 avoidable mistakes visitors in England make when booking a private tour

Here are some key lessons learned by visitors whom I have met and engaged with, especially during my private driving tours to the countryside. They are well travelled and have...

John England Tours: How it all started

​I was delighted to be asked by Shane Whaley, Founder of Tourpreneur, to join him to share tips for his network: Tour Operators and Experiences Professionals. Shane does an amazing...

My England

I feel blessed to live in the suburbs of London as it means the ‘best of both worlds’ to me: I have easy access to and from London and South...
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