John England Tours: How it all started

Learn how John got to where he is today with John England Tours

I was delighted to be asked by Shane Whaley, Founder of Tourpreneur, to join him to share tips for his network: Tour Operators and Experiences Professionals.

Shane does an amazing job keeping the tours and activities community connected which is all-important, especially during these challenging times for the sector.

Transparency is something I feel that’s important to offer – not only with international guests whom I have already met – however, also those who are looking for a private guide for their trip to England.

Additionally, through my coaching and mentoring, I encourage fellow business owners – including guides – to be upfront with people right from the beginning. (I am a Founder of a regional business network in London).  

During this podcast, you’ll get an insight into my operational approach, strategic thinking and some of my activity behind-the-scenes: From why I decided to become an independent private tour guide, to some of the things I have been up to during the past few months to be prepared for the return of inbound tourism.

Loathe acronyms?

No problem!…

OTAs = Online Travel Agencies.

API = Application Programming Interface. (In this context, links between various platforms to handle bookings, availability, etc).

Access the podcast here.

I hope you enjoy listening to it!  

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