My England

England. A country rich in history, diversity and even quirkiness.

I feel blessed to live in the suburbs of London as it means the ‘best of both worlds’ to me: I have easy access to and from London and South East England’s gorgeous countryside.

It’s only a 20-minute overground train ride for me to reach central London. We don’t do tubes here despite Bromley South Station being in London travel zone 5; and some locals outside of our borough seemingly think we’re a bunch of snobs without realising it’s actually thanks to the clay beneath us! 🙂 (Basically, too expensive through which to bore tunnels).

​The London Borough of Bromley is London’s largest borough by land mass, rather than population.

During my private driving tours, many guests have been delighted with how quickly we can reach the countryside in either Kent, West Sussex and other counties in these parts. This is because the majority of places in Bromley is, in fact, in the countryside; hence being very leafy.

My England stretches beyond this lovely borough, of course. As a local, I have lived in various locations in South East England, including Kent which is known as ‘The Garden of England.’ 

My family and I are blessed to have travelled to many countries over the years, ranging from California to the west and Australia to the east. This has enabled us to, not only explore different lands, but to also gain a better insight to varying cultures and its people.

I have always been in the ‘people business’, both during my corporate career and as a business owner. This includes having founded a regional business network, hosting countless networking and business growth events for over 10 years.

These experiences so far – along with delivering many private tours – have enabled me to understand the importance of being adaptable.

One of the key things in life that my late father taught me, and which I have shared with my children as they grew up, is to be resourceful. I will share more about that and how it relates to being an independent guide in a future blog. So, do please feel free subscribe to my emails.

As a local professional, independent, guide, it has – and continues to be – an absolute delight to share my London and, indeed, my corner of the beautiful English countryside, with many international visitors.

Some have even admitted being ‘converted’ to being Anglophiles! – Great for the BBC and other British broadcasting / TV organisations as some have since told me they are now hooked on our programmes!

Let me show you my England. – It’ll be a truly memorable experience.  

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